This site is part of a critical and appreciative inquiry into the historically and culturally situated art practices of Canadian popular educators involved in the transnational women’s movement from the 1800s until today, in Canada and the Global South. We invite you to contribute your knowledge and understanding of the art practices of the global women’s movement from the 1800s until today, in Canada and internationally.

Naming the world in order to change it, so central to Brazilian adult educator Paulo Freire’s ideas of popular education, underpins the project of naming individual women and their groups/organizations as popular educators. Like all popular educators, activists within the women’s movement draw on diverse popular culture forms — song, dance, photography, performance, handicrafts, blogs, quilting, humour, poetry, fashion, culinary & gardening arts, zines, storytelling, and autobiography.

Feel free to name yourself and your art practice as part of the ongoing story of women’s power and empowerment.

We acknowledge the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) for this research project (Dorothy Lander, Standard Research Grant, 2006-2010).

One Response to “Welcome!”

  1. Hi i love the image of the black and white picture of the little boy and girl auctually two little girls. It reminds me of Dick and Jane. I have been looking for an image, for a business card. I also make childrens clothes out of my home. I was wondering if i could use this image? Thank you Debra


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