Suzy Lake: ScotiaBank Photography Award at Ryerson Image Centre

Posted by Dorothy Lander

This exhibition celebrates the career of Canadian artist Suzy Lake, 2016 Scotiabank Photography Award winner, renowned internationally for her work on self-representation, female identity and the aging body. This survey of more than fifty objects, made between 1976 to 2014, brings focus to Lake’s artistic process and methodologies. Including never-before-seen photographs, maquettes and working materials, the exhibition examines this important artist’s career of experimentation and unwavering efforts through the years to push the boundaries of the photographic medium.

Suzy Lake RYERSON 2017


Suzy Lake was a participant at the 2009 Toronto Whistlestop, which Paula Cameron facilitated.  Suzy showed us some of the photographs of the unplucked woman’s face — her own — some of which are featured in her 2017 exhibition.  We learned about humour and aging from Suzy.

Union Station Toronto April 4 09


JGP videographer Toronto first 120309

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