Marina Bychkova, Maker of Enchanted Dolls

Posted by Dorothy Lander

Bychkova Marina pregnant enchanted doll

SPECIMEN: From Marina Bychkova’s Galleries:

Vancouver Artist Marina Bychkova has been making dolls since a child.  She juxtaposes the nudity of the doll with taboo subjects, such as sexuality,or pregnancy, in the case of SPECIMEN shown above.   Her dolls call us to examine shame about women’s bodies and to express our outrage. If we are disturbed by her dolls, she calls us to question why, that is, to reflect critically on our own values and assumptions. And so it is she takes her rightful place on this site with popular educators who use their art for social justice.

Tune into CBC News Arts segment on Sunday, April 17, 2016 to watch a 5 minute special on Marina Bychkova’s Enchanted Dolls.

Mercedes Grundy with filmmaker Lisa Wu have made a short feature, which will air on the show Exhibitionists this Sunday at 4:30 PM.The video can also be seen on CBC’s website .

This feature contains a surprise appearance of  Marina’s most recent and secret new doll Madame de Pompadour.

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