Florence Nightingale & the Art of Data Visualization

Florence Nightingale art quote psh

Nursing education often cites Florence Nightingale to emphasize that nursing is an art form.  But a lesser known of her art forms is her visualizations of health data. Read on to see what is perhaps the original health infographic, as posted on Open Culture.

Watch Florence Nightingale and the Joy of Stats on YouTube


By the time Nightingale left Turkey after the end of the Crimean War in July 1856, the hospitals were well-run and efficient, with mortality rates no greater than civilian hospitals in England.” But feeling great regret over all the lives lost there to preventable disease, she went on to save even more of them by bringing numbers into play. She counted the dead!!  Specifically, she  compiled “vast tables of statistics about how many people had died, where and why. Many of her findings shocked her. For example, she discovered that in peacetime, soldiers in England died at twice the rate of civilians — even though they were young men in their primes.”

FLorence Nightingale mortality infographic



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