Iconic Women on Canadian Bank Notes


CBC Power and Politics. Power Panel with Rosie Barton on Jan.  14, 2016 discussed putting notable Canadian women on bank notes.  Not just the Queen.  And it matters whether on the front or the back of the bank note.


Merna Forster

Victoria, BC, Canada

Jan 16, 2016 — The CBC television show Power and Politics, hosted by Rosemary Barton, had a panel discussion about Canadian women on bank notes on Thursday. On Friday, I was interviewed by Barton on the show. Great to get national publicity for our campaign! Following the recent statement by Finance Minister Morneau about his support for Canadian women on bank notes, all major media outlets carried news about this development. More than five thousand new supporters signed our petition in the last few days! It’s still trending, and has topped seventy thousand. Yay!

Your support sends a strong message to Ottawa about the importance of celebrating Canadian women as well as men on our money (or anywhere else for that matter!), and I’m hopeful that Morneau and the new Liberal government will work closely with Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz at the Bank of Canada. After campaigning for over two and a half years, I am sure we’re all keen to finally see some concrete action. And I’m confident that Prime Minister Trudeau and the gender-equal cabinet will make it happen.

Remember the successful women on bank notes campaign in the UK? Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney – yes, the same man who dumped Canadian women from our notes – quickly responded to a petition in the UK signed by about thirty-five thousand people. Within about a month of arriving there, a beaming Carney unveiled the design for a note which will feature Jane Austen on the face of the £10. Meanwhile, in a country with a much smaller population, our campaign has been going on for years and has double the number of signatures! Let’s hope we will soon see a beaming Stephen Poloz at a similar unveiling ceremony.


~ by artpoped on January 18, 2016.

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