Art Center College of Design Devises Period Solution ‘Flo’ for Girls Who Can’t Afford Pads

Posted by Dorothy Lander August 5, 2015

Flo kit reusable sanitary pads

In the fall of 2014, Designmatters and the Product Design Department collaborated with the Nike Foundation, Yale School of Management and fuseproject with the challenge of empowering and getting resources into the hands of adolescent girls living in poverty around the world.

Presented with the design criteria of SCHOOLING, HYGIENCE, PRIVACY and POINT OF VIEW, the design team plotted the process from initial idea sketch from insights, through protocols and testing, and design refinements to a business plan,

Flo – Wash, Dry and Carry Toolkit for Sanitary Pads

Sohyun Kim, Tatijana Vasily, Mariko Iwai, Charlotte Wong, Ben Freedman

Menstrual cycles often results in girls missing school, infection, illness and isolation. With disposal pads too costly, the Flo kit presents an inexpensive system for cleaning, drying and carrying reusable menstrual pads so girls can feel confident and in control.

flo 2

When away from home, a girl wears lightweight carrying pouch under her garments where new and used pads can be comfortably hidden. Back at home girls privately clean used pads with the affordable and small-sized washer/dryer unit. This hand-operated device uses opposing forces and small amounts of water to clean and spin dry; it could be created out of found objects or purchased as a final product.

Key potential business partners would be Tyvek for carrying pouches and Rubbermaid for producing the washing design and deliver through their distribution channels.

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