Mattress-Carrying Artist Emma Sulkowicz Protests Columbia University’s Handling of her Rape Claim

Mattress Carrying Artist Sulkowicz-SmithPosted by Dorothy Lander

When Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz began carrying a dorm mattress around campus last September, as both her senior art thesis and a form of protest against the way the school handled her rape claim, she couldn’t have known quite how viral her story would go. Within two weeks, reporters were surrounding her on campus; media in 35 countries covered her and her project, titled “Mattress Performance, or Carry That Weight”; and in January of this year, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand invited Sulkowicz to attend President Obama’s State of the Union address as her guest.

Throughout this all, the proverbial elephant in the room has been Paul Nungesser, the fellow Columbia student who Sulkowicz says raped her but who was cleared in a school adjudication process. Although Nungesser wasn’t named at first, people on campus knew he was the accused, and in December he spoke publicly to the New York Times.

~ by artpoped on April 27, 2015.

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