Confused Cats Against Feminism: A Lampoon on a CBC Blog

Lampoon anti-feminism CBC cat pic support oppression all humans


Confused Cats Against Feminism is a successful parody of the Women Against Feminism Tumblr.

Created by We Hunted Mammoth – a blog which mocks misogyny on the internet — the Tumblr has racked up a significant amount of media attention and kudos since its launch last week.
“My kitties and I are humbled by the response this little blog is getting!” wrote We Hunted Mammoth’s David Futrelle on his blog Saturday. “Scratch that bit about the kitties; they’re never humbled by anything.”
“Confused Cats Against Feminism has picked up more than 2,000 followers in the two days since I announced the blog to the world, and my various inboxes are overflowing with dozens of pics of adorable cats who are very confused about feminism indeed,” he continued. “This amazing response clearly shows that it is not only humans who can be really, really confused about feminism.”

~ by artpoped on August 8, 2014.

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