Marie Hoeg Norwegian photographer and suffragist


Marie Hoeg 1896 to 1905 Norwegian photographer androgynous suffragette

 Liv Bugge and Sille Storihle’s roaming curatorial/publishing/salon-hosting platform FRANK slipped into a dialogue when Storihle discovered a gender-bending photograph by Norwegian suffragist Marie Høeg (1866–1949) in 2012 when working on a film project about Norwegian nationalism. Originally discovered in the 1980s in a barn, this photograph had gone unseen outside of Norway and Sweden until FRANK recontexualized it at the ONE Archives, University of Southern California, bringing it into a contemporary art context. 

Hoeg was an important suffragette, who ran a conventional photo studio with her partner Bolette Berg. The photos were found 30 years after her death, in an old barn, at a farm where Bolette and Marie spent the last part of their life. We believe that the photos were taken as a quite personal investigation of liberation, representation, and gender. Maybe these photos were just personal explorations, that didn’t have a context and a time where they could be shown. Maybe time was not ripe for them. Maybe Bolette and Marie never thought they would or should be exhibited. No one will ever know.




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