Ojibwe (Mississauga) woman, Nahnebahwequay, or “Nahnee”, Crusader for Native Rights

Posted by Dorothy Lander
I have a special interest in the role of Quakers in women’s history. I noticed that in 1859 when Nahnebahwequa presented Queen Victoria with native land claims, among her supporters were Quakers MP John Bright and his wife.  She was the guest of a Quaker family during her time in England.

Heritage Week Lecture with Donald B. Smith

at Grey Roots Museum, Owen Sound< Ontario



(“Upright Woman”)

Standing up to Colonial Injustice

February 18, 2014 – 2:30 p.m.

Nahnebahwequa (Naaniibawikwe in the Fiero spelling, meaning “Standing-Upright Woman”) or Catherine Bunch was an Ojibwaspokeswoman and Christian Missionary.

In 1860 a courageous Ojibwe (Mississauga) woman, Nahnebahwequay, or “Nahnee”, known in English as Mrs. Catharine Sutton, crossed the North Atlantic. She presented important land claims to Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace. “Nahnee” is one of the eight biographical sketches in Donald B. Smith’s new book, Mississauga Portraits. Ojibwe Voices From Nineteenth-Century Canada. Attendees will also want to check out the Grey Roots original exhibit, Nahneebahweequa – Upright Woman: Crusader for Native Rights.

Complimentary refreshments following. Lecture is free with regular admission. Members free as always.

About the Presenter Donald B. Smith is a professor emeritus of history at the University of Calgary who has spent over forty years researching and writing about the Ojibwe. He is the author of: Sacred Feathers, and his newest book, Mississauga Portraits: Ojibwe Voices From Nineteenth-Century Canada.

Catherine was laid to rest
On the land she loved
In the bosom of Mother Earth
She found comfort within her

She has become the earth.
The spring rain falls to her
And rises, to become clouds to rain again like tears.
She is in the whisper of the wind in the trees

The birds ring out her sorrow
In cries of needed justice for her people
The song they sing is for her children to have a home
Catherine has a home in heaven now
No earthly hands can sell.

Source: Wikipedia

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