Mark Carney puts images of women on Britain’s bank notes

Mark Carney, Former Bank of C anada Governor accedes to British protests against removal of women from U.K. bank notes. This after purging the Famous Five images from Canada’s $50 bills in 2011

OTTAWA – Former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney is working to put images of women on Britain’s new bank notes, years after removing images of women from Canada’s own currency.

In his first week as new governor of the Bank of England, Carney acceded to protests that designers of Britain’s new five-pound note plan to replace an image of Elizabeth Fry with one of Sir Winston Churchill.

The proposed move would leave no women on any British bank-note denominations, apart from the Queen, which Carney said “is not the Bank’s intention,” promising an announcement by the end of the month.

The British protest against the removal of female images on the currency parallels a similar protest in Canada, when Carney, as Canada’s central bank governor, announced in 2011 that an icebreaker would displace the images of five famous women on a new series of $50 polymer notes.

~ by artpoped on July 9, 2013.

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