Alanah Pearce, Australian videogame journalist, documents unprovoked sexist comments for 30 days in 2013

Posted by Dorothy Lander

Alanah Pearce, a videogame journalist writes for various websites, and makes regular videos for four separate YouTube channels. She presents on one TV show and for Xbox Australia on the Xbox Dashboard. She makes news videos, review videos, hosts events, and interviews developers.

From March 7 – April 7, 2013 she documented everything blatantly sexist anyone had said to her. None of these comments were provoked, none of them were replies to something she said, and none of them were at all out of the ordinary. She presents 10 pictures/indications of what it’s like to be a woman who endorses game culture, every single month.

Here’s the question that this provokes for me. Alanah Pearce seems to be drawing the assumption that these blatantly sexist comments are connected to being a woman who endorses game culture. How different would the documentation be for any woman who brings a strong visual presence to her practice?


~ by artpoped on June 9, 2013.

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