Adele Women Association (Ghana) and the Permaculture Intensive




The Ghana Nkwanta Project is very excited to be launching a partnership between the Adele Women’s Association and the Permaculture Network in Ghana.

Here we can see how art gets “slipped in sideways” into economic and educational endeavours, in this case, a Permaculture Intensive.  Look for the connection between sustainable agriculture, the arts, and beauty.   

The participants left their training program in Permaculture with moringa seeds, cassava sticks,  black pepper, grape, mangoe seeds, and pawpaw. 

They also learned how to prepare cosmetic products using Moringa! They have already started home gardens in the villages.

~ by artpoped on September 26, 2012.

One Response to “Adele Women Association (Ghana) and the Permaculture Intensive”


    The Tick-Tick campaign with Indiegogo has just been launched to raise funds to provide artwork for children in North American cancer wards, and fresh water, food, clothing and books for Adele orphans in Ghana.

    This is a good example of “crowdfunding” for a worthy cause, and consistent with the gift economy. Michael Flannery, who leads this campaign, has come up with some very thoughtful and relevant “perks” for contributors, including art pieces that come out of the Adele Homestead Orphanage.


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