Documentary Film based on A Woman Among Warlords by Malalai Joya









This is the project of a documentary film on Afghanistan.  It seeks to
promote unity of Afghans and the world at large for social change towards
democracy, social justice and human rights.  For this intent, the film will
center on Afghan human rights activist Malalai Joya.

Take a look at the Indiegogo links at the end of this story — an exemplar of crowdfunding, which includes charitable tax deductions for contributing to production costs of this film.

This film is based on the book A Woman Among Warlords, written by Malalai
Joya.  It presents the story of Malalai from her childhood until today.  Her
story is both extraordinary and ordinary.  Extraordinary because she
embodies resistance to oppression since she was young.  Ordinary because her
story is emblematic of the story of Afghan women of resistance.  The focus
is on how her life is shaped by her struggles against misogyny,
fundamentalism, political oppression and war.  Malalai was a war refugee,
then she was an underground woman teacher for girls in the Taliban period,
later she started a woman’s clinic and orphanage and later still got elected
to the Afghan parliament. She was suspended by the fundamentalists in power
when she spoke in parliament. Hers is a life of struggle amid oppression.
Today Malalai is an internationally-acclaimed activist for social justice
and human rights struggling for peace and for real democracy in Afghanistan.

“Malalai Joya is a remarkable young woman, an activist schooled as a refugee
in Pakistan in the 1990s, in part at schools run by RAWA, the Revolutionary
Association of the Women of Afghanistan. She was a teacher in underground
schools in Afghanistan during the Taliban era and in Farah province, her
home, she set up free clinics and an orphanage. In 2003, at 25, she made
worldwide news by standing up at a national council and denouncing not only
the Taliban but the myriad warlords who’d emerged to take control of the
country with American backing. In 2005, she was elected to Afghanistan’s
parliament, dominated then as now by ultra-conservatives, warlords, and
corrupt politicians, but two years later she was suspended from parliament
for her fierce criticism of Afghanistan’s parliament and government. Since
then, she’s lived semi-underground, surviving a series of assassination
attempts. In 2009 she was named by the BBC as ‘the bravest woman of
Afghanistan’ and in 2010 Time considered her as one of the ‘100 Most
Influential People of the World.’ ”

Help make it happen! Contribute to A Woman Among Warlords:

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