Lockeport’s Harmony Bazaar Festival of Women and Song in its seventh year

Posted by Dorothy Lander

Stephen Cooke’s report for the  Sunday Chronicle Herald (July 29, 2012) on the Harmony Bazaar Festival of Women and Song in Lockeport, NovaScotia (July 28-30, 2012) holds many exemplars of art and popular education allied with the women’s movement.

My interest in art for health drew me to one sentence describing the animated performance of headliner and multiple Juno Award winner Serena Rider. “Feeling the intimate vibe, Ryder told the crowd of the battle with depression that has impinged on her professional and personal life in recent years.”   Cooke goes onto to write that Ryder spent more than an hour after her encore to sign autographs. It does not take much to imagine that Ryder was influenced by the legacy of Amy Winehouse to draw attention to mental health.  Using her celebrity, Ryder artfully normalizes depression, and effectively destigmatizes depression for a larger audience than a designated therapy event.

Flamenco dancer Maria Osende not only entertained but led a dance workshop in high school gym for 20 women from preteens to retirement age, which Cooke describes as “giving their calves a workout and discovering their inner senorita or senora.”


(photo by Stephen Cooke)

The activities extended beyond music and song to local women telling their life stories. The Festival closes with a drum circle on Crescent Beach and Rosalee Peppard’s performance of “A Test of Character: A Musical memoir of Nova Scotia’s Only Titanic Survivor, Hilda Mary Slayer.”

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