Feminist Aesthetics, Special Issue of n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal


As an introduction to the journal, n.paradoxa: International Feminist Art Journal, the website offers A 12-step guide to Feminist Art, Art History and Criticism.

Canadian content in the recently published Special Issue (vol. 30) on Feminist Aesthetics, features Christine Conley interviewing Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue: “Making Space for Utopia, FAG and the Aesthetics of Activism.

Several other useful links to Feminist Art on the Home Page:

Books on Feminist Art (categorized by country): http://www.ktpress.co.uk/feminist-art-books.asp

Feminist Exhibition Catalogues: http://www.ktpress.co.uk/feminist-art-exhibitions.asp

Feminist Art Anthologies: http://www.ktpress.co.uk/feminist-art-anthologies.asp

Feminist Art Manifestos: http://www.ktpress.co.uk/feminist-art-manifestos.asp

Feminist Art Magazines: http://www.ktpress.co.uk/feminist-art-magazines.asp

Statistics about Women Artists in the Art World (by country — Canada is missing): http://www.ktpress.co.uk/feminist-art-statistics.asp

Timelines for Women’s Art Movement and Feminist Art Practices since 1970: http://www.ktpress.co.uk/feminist-art-timelines.asp

Links to Feminist and Women Artists’ Websites: http://www.ktpress.co.uk/feminist-art-links.asp

Links to Feminist Film Festivals and their web sites  (8 from Canada): http://www.ktpress.co.uk/feminist-art-links.asp

~ by artpoped on July 17, 2012.

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