Publicly Private: The Art of Sarah Lightman and Shelley Jordon

 Sarah Lightman and Shelley Jordon
Oranim College, Israel 7 May 2012-  11 June 2012
Curator: Shuli Nachshon
Publicly Private celebrates the scrutiny of intimate moments of daily life. From food diaries to family dynamics, Shelley Jordon (USA) and Sarah Lightman (UK) are two Jewish women artists from different continents and generations, who make the examination of their lives the subject of their artwork. Publicly Private combines the domestic sphere with the complex inheritance of memory and Jewish herstory, through traditional drawings and paintings combined with contemporary technology including animations and animated installations.

Shelley Jordon’s paintings and hand-painted animations and animated installations explore the intersection between interior and exterior worlds and connections between past and present experiences. Her artwork expresses the complex nature of memory; physical and emotional, collective and personal.
Sarah Lightman’s ongoing visual autobiography is The Book of Sarah which seeks to rectify the Biblical silence of her namesake, the Matriarch Sarah. Publicly Private includes over 20 intricate tragic-comic food diary pencil drawings and two  new animation films: Family, a close visual reading of a family photograph that reveals sibling put-me-downs and hand-me-downs, and The Reluctant Bride which reveals the mixed emotions of the cycle of life, featuring the artist’s own wedding and the death of her Grandfather.

Publicly Private is accompanied by  two specially commissioned essays on the works of the artists. These are written by New York artist and scholar Lois Martin on Shelley Jordon’s work, and by art historian Dr Pnina Rosenberg who has written: “The Book of Sarah–  Life? or Reconstruction?”

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