Aleta Dey: A Rehearsal (Performed at the 2012 Mayworks Festival of Labour and the Arts)

A play about women’s herstory  (Aleta Dey fought with Nellie McClung)

ALETA DEY: A REHEARSAL presents the moving story of a young woman standing up for women’s rights and an end to war.
Based on the 1919 novel Aleta Dey by Francis Marion Beynon. Directed by DARIA PUTTAERT. Performed by TRACY PENNER.

Root Sky Productions presents ALL OR NOTHING by Bruce Sarbit and ALETA DEY: A REHEARSAL by Dale Lakevold at the 2012 MayWorks Festival of Labour and the Arts in Winnipeg from May 30-June 2 and in Brandon from June 6-9.

~ by artpoped on July 8, 2012.

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