Peggy Edwards Award-Winning Documentary Film: Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign


In 2009/10 Peggy Edwards studied the Canadian Grandmothers To Grandmothers Campaign to find answers to the question: “How do we engage, nurture and sustain older women advocates in civil society?” Her work is captured in the inspiring 12-minute video “Voices of Advocacy: Older Women Speak Out”, which won top prize in documentary films at the Global Conference of the International Federation of Aging in Prague in June 2012. 

Visit the Granny Voices site for the link to the You Tube video (closer to 14 minutes) and for other teaching tools.

Peggy’s work was supported by the Alan Thomas Fellowship granted by the Carold Institute for the Advancement of Citizenship in Social Change (

The Grandmothers Campaign is affiliated with the Stephen Lewis Foundation (  There are now over 240 groups in Canada from Coast to Coast.
**Rootman, L., Dupéré, S., Pederson, A, and O’Oneill, m. (eds) Health Promotion in Canada: Critical Perspectives on Practice.  Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, 2012, has just been released. This text is required at U of T in all courses related to health promotion and is used at numerous other universities and in training programs across Canada. In fact, the field sometimes calls it the “bible” of health promotion. It made a small contribution–a write up about Age-Friendly Communities as an example of a population-based approach.  The contributors tell the reader about the Carold Fellowship work of Peggy Edwards and direct them to Peggy’s website to see the video about the Grandmothers Campaign.  

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