Camilla Vallejo, Chile’s Rebel Student Leader

After hearing Carmen Rodriquez’ interview on CBC radio (March 29, 2012) and her description of the “joyful, beautiful kinds of protest,”  I was guessing these must involve art and popular education. Protest art is implicated in The Guardian article of August 24, 2011 on Commander Camilla (Vallejo).  23-year old Vallejo has organised several cacerolazos – peaceful protests in which participants bang pots and pans. Vallejo has become a cult figure – with odes on YouTube and predictions that her charisma may well catapult her into Chilean politics. See also the photo of her beside the peace sign made of hundreds of empty teargas canisters, which had been used against students. Her observation on her looks and the strategic use of beauty is instructive for social movements:

Camilla Vallejo, Chilean rebel leadercan

She says: “You have to recognise that beauty be a hook. It can be a compliment, they come to listen to me because of my appearance, but then I explain the ideas. A movement as historical as this cannot be summarised in such superficial terms.”

~ by artpoped on March 31, 2012.

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