October is Women’s History Month: Thank you Lyn Gough

Submitted by Dorothy Lander

Lyn Gough’s (1988) book As Wise as Serpents has been invaluable for me in my research into the art of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). I had the pleasure of meeting Lyn in person when she participated in the Victoria Whistlestop on our March 2009 journey, and can confirm that she is more likely to trumpet other women’s accomplishments, not her own. I am so pleased to see her given the recognition she deserves for spearheading the drive to create Women’s History Month in October, so designated by the federal government in 1992, to align with the date when Canadian women officially became persons in Canadian law — October 19, 1929. Her work offers evidence of the impact of a letter-writing campaign — epistolary art as activism!! Here is the link to The Times Colonist, October 15, 2009. The accompanying picture of Lyn serving tea underscores her strong objections to the negative portrayals of the WCTU as “tea-drinking busybodies,” without acknowledging that they “laid the groundwork for modern social services amid a proliferation of pubs.”


~ by artpoped on October 20, 2009.

One Response to “October is Women’s History Month: Thank you Lyn Gough”

  1. I am so elated to find a group of women that celebrate my “October” with something other than “pink”. I am a breast cancer “survivor”, former potter and visual artist. The “Lord of the Dance” decided that my arms would not extend quite as they used too. I decided to start dancing with my “dyslexic fingers” the more I write, the more I appreciate my own “voice” and rythum, spelling still trips me up like a “fox trot”. Luckily I do not wear glass slippers.

    My footwear has been challenged recently in a “boys” class designed to appreciate former Prime Ministers. We have 24, so the term Two Four of Prime Ministers was supposed to be a play on words, the class was looking at “passion” in parliamentary figures, speciffically “First Amongst Equals”.

    I was kicked out for being too passionate! I have decided not to “persue” it from a human rights vantage. I could, it would drain me. My other passion is comedy writing. The two are very much ‘knitted” in my make-up. I have two adult sons with 4 childen amongst them, I also have a 16 year old daughter. I hope to have October return the colour to our natural environment. Pink was a wonderful grass roots idea for breast cancer awareness. The campaing made the disease approachable, a good thing. However, it is now a profitable fashionable kind of cancer, as opposed to the “faceless” cancers that “Gilda’s Houses” support. If all women decide we like our photographs to represent “us”. I ask that each women looks at the “advertising” behind pink. We know what the Romans used it for, do our daughters have the ability to colour the world as we have? Do they have the voices, do they have the strength, can they have the voices, can they have the strength? Television and mass marketing have made my October pink.

    Thank you for considering this colour and please pass the thought along.

    My Celtic chest is in a knot, half Scottish, half Irish, I don’t even need hair on my chest to get my chest knotted! That is my slogan “I’m in a Knot”. I might make a fews Tshirts myself!


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