Honouring diversity in Firefighters’ uniforms, London England



Fire service (UK) diversifies uniforms

Posted from Feminist Philosophers listserv: 03 Apr 2009 03:14 AM PDT

Report here on how the fire service has recently introduced new uniforms. A good example of how small-  although crucial! – aspects of jobs can serve to make certain professions unappealing to those who don’t fit the ‘white male’  paradigm, and how this can be changed to move towards more inclusive workforces.

They will fit better, look more professional and, crucially, protect the wearer more efficiently from heat and flames, says the government. But the new firefighters‘ uniforms unveiled yesterday have another notable feature, being designed for the first time “for a modern, diverse workforce” – including hijab and turban versions, as well as maternity uniforms for pregnant female staff.

“We want the widest range of applicants to join the fire and rescue service,” the fire minister, Sadiq Khan, said yesterday. “It is important that all applicants know that the uniform and clothing they will be issued with will not only protect them, but will also fit properly and be comfortable.

Sounds a damn sight more practical (and protective) than this (a pretty fantastic photo though)!

~ by artpoped on May 2, 2009.

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