Peruvian singer Magaly Solier Launches New CD “Warmi”

*”I sing to women who have impacted me with their courage,”

(from interview with rising singer-actress Magaly Solier)

Translated from a special report published in daily Peru21:
By José Gabriel Chueca

In collaboration with Phantom Records, Magaly Solier – the star of the award-winning Peruvian films “The Milk of Sorrow” and “Madeinusa” – will launch her first CD, titled “Warmi.” Although cinema brought her world fame, recording an album was always her childhood dream. And now a reality.

The CD is titled “Warmi,” which means “Woman,” because it’s about women who have stood up for themselves and to adversity,”  Solier was quoted saying. “I met them while traveling with my mother, to sell fruit and cereal. They impacted my life by their actions. Once, upon arrival to a small village – amidst pouring rain – I saw a woman in the park, standing up to four drunks who were making fun of her. She was throwing stones at them. I enjoyed the scene, while thinking to myself: ‘what a woman!'”

  Q: There was – and still is – a lot of violence in Huanta?

A: Violence is very strong in the highlands. They burn women’s hands, and sew their vaginas shut. My father told me about a man who would sew his wife’s vagina every time he travelled, and when he got back,he would unstitch her and then rape her. Only recently has he begun to tell me about these things.



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