“No Laughing Matter” — Margaret Mitchell’s 2008 memoir of women’s activism and Canadian politics

Prior to entering political life, Margaret Mitchell pioneered community
development in Vancouver, helping people to organize and improve life in the
city’s poorer neighbourhoods.

As an NDP Member of Parliament, Margaret Mitchell inspired generations of
women with her public stand against wife beating and with her vocal support
for women¹s equality. She spent 14 years in the House of Commons advocating
for affordable housing, multiculturalism and the rights of poor people.  Ms
Mitchell worked tirelessly on issues that are alive today, including redress
for the  Chinese Head Tax and childcare.


Growing Up in Ontario
The Korean War and Red Cross
South Pacific Travels
Romance in Vancouver and Vienna
A Life Crisis ‹ Surviving Cancer
Pioneering Community Development

MP for Vancouver East
The Joe Clark Era 1979
Trudeau Returns 1980
Women¹s Rights and Social Policy
No Laughing Matter
Women Win Equality
Chinese Head Tax
The Mulroney Era 1984
Canada¹s First Woman Leader
Adventurous Travels

To order:
Granville Island Publishing
212­1656 Duranleau € Vancouver, BC € V6H 3S4
Phone 604-688-0320 or 1-877-688-0320
For readings or talks, contact:
Margaret Mitchell, mmitchell@shaw.ca
Memoir/Politics/Social Activism/Women¹s Studies
6² x 9² 240 pages 35 photos January 2008
ISBN 978-1-894694-63-6 Paperback $24.95 Cdn/US

Margaret Mitchell played a critical role in ensuring women were recognized
in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. No one was talking about other inequities and problems. Then, there was no
maternity leave, no equal pay for work of equal value, no access to abortion
. . .
Mitchell writes that one of her primary concerns was the feminization of
– Daphne Bramham, Vancouver Sun

The woman who first brought the issue of spousal abuse to the forefront in
Canada presents her memoirs in this interesting, informative, entertaining
and often humorous book. Margaret Mitchell, a social activist who pioneered
community development in Vancouver, was a courageous feminist MP for
Vancouver East and an international adventuress. Her book is a testament to
the struggles and achievements of women MPs, and chronicles her life¹s adventures and work.

A graduate of McMaster University and
University of Toronto School of Social
Work, Margaret A. Mitchell worked for
the International Red Cross in Japan and
Korea during the Korean War and in
Vienna in 1956 with Hungarian refugees.
Known for her many contributions as a
social activist and in comunity development,
she became the NDP Member
of Parliament for Vancouver East from
1979 until 1993.
Recognized in 2000 as a Member of
the Order of British Columbia, she lives
in Vancouver, BC. She continues to
assist women in need through the Margaret
Mitchell Fund for Women.

The Margaret Mitchell Fund for Women, which
Ms Mitchell established after her retirement,
supports women¹s self-help projects and
scholarships. Proceeds of book sales will accrue
to the Fund. Donations will be welcomed c/o
Vancity Community Foundation 604-877-7647.

Adventure, Activism and Politics
Margaret A. Mitchell

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