2009 Clothesline Project


Message from Women’s Events network

The 2009 Clothesline Project is taking place on Sunday, May 24 from 11 – 4 PM at Minto Park near the Women’s Monument in downtown Ottawa.

We will be using our public park to hang out our dirty laundry and expose this ugly issue of violence against women. WAKE UP SOCIETY! THIS IS OUR PROBLEM! WE REFUSE TO LEAVE THIS ISSUE HIDDEN BEHIND CLOSED FAMILY DOORS!

We will be displaying t-shirts with messages and images painted by women and children whose lives have been impacted by violence.

If you want to organize a painting party at the local shelter, or peer support group that you meet with, we have a limited number of blank shirts, brushes and paint that you can pick up in advance of the event.

If anyone wishes to paint onsite on May 24, a tent will be set up to afford some measure of privacy while they paint their t-shirt.

If violence has touched your life or the life of someone you know, to make your public statement on violence against women, hang the t-shirt on the Clothesline in the park to show how you feel about violence against women and send your important message to the public. Take this opportunity to communicate your message.

Please contact Valerie Collicott at 613-230-6700 to arrange for blank t-shirts and supplies. We look forward to meeting you on May 24 in Minto Park at Elgin and Gilmour Streets.

Please help distribute this message.

Valerie Collicott
Women’s Events Network Organizer

~ by artpoped on April 16, 2009.

One Response to “2009 Clothesline Project”

  1. Wow, I meant to comment on this WEEKS ago! I briefly attended this event back in May and was particularly struck by one of the shirts on the line. Scrawled upon it in big, bold letters were the painful words, “I AM NOT CRAZY!” This speaks to me of the too-frequent tendency to not take survivors seriously when they find the courage to speak about their abuse, whether to authorities or to their own friends and family members. When the very people you love and trust refuse to hear about or believe your pain, when they refuse to support you when you are most in need, this can cause you doubt yourself, your experiences, your judgement, and eventually your sanity. I got goosebumps when I came across this shirt because there are days when I’m am screaming those very same words on the inside. I think believing in your own experiences, in spite of being told otherwise, is sometimes all you can do to be true to yourself.

    – Sarah :)


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