My search for truth

My search for truth in the buried past can only be quarried by the act of imagination. On the basis of some information and a little guesswork you journey to a site to see what remains were left behind and to reconstruct the world that these remains imply.

– Tony Morrison, 1998, Paradise, p. 112

Morrison, Tony (1998). Paradise. New York: Knopf.


From this point forward the husband and wife story became so interwoven that it was difficult to relate about one without talking about the other.

– Grant MacEwan,1975, … and Mighty Women Too, p. 43.

MacEwan, Grant (1975). …and mighty women too. Saskatoon, SK: Western Producer Prairie Books.


Re-cited in 2000 by poet, essayist, freelance writer and adult educator Shirley Serviss in her re-creation in poetry of the life of Elizabeth Boyd McDougall, who with her Methodist missionary husband John McDougall, established the Morley mission in Alberta in 1873. “I chose poetry … to recreate her life because it allows me to fill in the gaps with my imagination and yet it still leaves gaps — between stanzas, between poems” (p. v). This is an excerpt from her “literary archaeology” (Toni Morrison’s term) in a poem entitled “First Clue.”

So few leads she has left me. …//DId she believe his-story//was the only one worth telling?//Or did she simply clean up//after herself the way//good wives do//not knowing women like me//with time on our hands//would come after her//searching for crumbs? (p. 3)

Serviss, Shirley (2000). Reading between the lines: Piecing together the life of Elizabeth Boyd McDougall. Edmonton, AB: Rowan Books.


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