Who is the artist?

Re-cited in A. K. Pradesh (2008). Independent spirit: Early Canadian women artists.
Richmond Hill, ON: Firefly Books.

Who is the artist? Is he not a human being like ourselves, with the added gifts of finer understanding and perception of the realities of life, and the ability to arouse emotions through the creation of forms and images? Surely. And this being so, those who give their lives, knowledge and their time to social struggle have the right to expect great help from the artist. And I cannot imagine a more inspiring role than that which the artist is asked to play for the defense and advancement of civilization.

– Paraskeva Clark, “Come Out from Behind the Pre-Cambrian Shield,” New Frontier, April 1937.


~ by artpoped on February 16, 2009.

One Response to “Who is the artist?”

  1. I have a slightly different angle to Art ( from my blog)

    Art of Social Exclusion
    By littlebangtheories
    Art is about social exclusion. When it becomes available to everyone it becomes a craft. The wealthy define themselves against others with the objects/arts/crafts that only they can obtain. In this we can track the evolution of realism which was highly prized until photography came along and made realism available to the masses. Hence the invention of modern art is a reaction against realism (which sculpture has obdediantly followed). If it is available to everyone it is no longer socially exclusive and therefore, no longer can be defined as art.

    Example: Damien Hurst’s tacky ’Diamond Skull’ is an example of fine art because it is so ludicrously expensive no one can afford it.


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