carrall street

ALTHEA THAUBERGER September 30th, 2008

8-11pm in the 200 block of Carrall Street

Althea Thauberger,  Carrall Street  (street view), 2008. Courtesy of the artist

Althea Thauberger, Carrall Street (street view), 2008. Courtesy of the artist

Althea Thauberger’s site-specific performance work will take place on the 200 block of Carrall Street in front of Artspeak. Collaborating with diverse local communities in Artspeak’s neighbourhood of the Downtown Eastside/Gastown, the one-night performance will present the street (brightly lit like a film set at nighttime) as a stage where the roles of participant and spectator blur. The interweaving of organized performers, passersby and audience members will allow for unforeseen interactions to take place, resulting in a destabilized form of community theatre that reveals something of the street’s history, its current successes and stresses, as well as its future.

Althea Thauberger is an artist based in Vancouver. Her internationally produced and exhibited work typically involves collaboration with a group or community that result in performances, films, videos, audio recordings, and books. Thauberger gravitates towards social enclaves-groups of people who exist or develop in some form of seclusion and are often perpetuated by social controls-that are both coercive and voluntary. Her work provides constraints for her subjects to work within which may echo the ones they live within. These may be structural imperatives or conventions of particular film or photographic media, allegory, seriality, or other containers. Thauberger’s performances have involved diverse groups including young Canadian female singer/songwriters, U.S. military wives, Canadian tree planters, Vancouver-based reserve soldiers, male youth in the German civil service and residents of a low-income building in Victoria. These amateur performers express concepts of self-definition, alienation, and community through their stories.

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